Big Daddy Movie Quotes

Big Daddy Movie Quotes

What's your name, he'll write it on the wall... mind your business!

Will somebody get the kid a Happy Meal?!

He has a five-year plan. What is it? Don't die?
-Vanessa and Sonny

And the squirrel thought it was a busy time in her life to be kissing rabbits, even though this particular rabbit was sweet. And the rabbit got shut down.
-Lela and Sonny

I wipe my own ass.

Stay away from the frozen food section, your boobs will harden.

I made my kid the smelly kid in class?" "I've had some smelly ones before but your son is by far the smelliest.
-Sonny and Ms. Foot

Be nice to the delivery guy, won'tcha? It's not his fault he can't read!

And that's the capatiller." "Um, a caterpillar." "That's right, a capatiller.
-Julian and Sonny

I just gotta kick ass while there's ass to be kicked.

Hey Frankenstein, what do ya want to eat- a hot dog?"
"30 packets of ketchup!!!!
-Sunny and Frankenstein

Hey Yappy, you stop talking to the kid I'll get you an Egg McMuffin." "How about a Sausage McMuffin with hash browns?
-Sonny and the Homeless Guy

He taught me to pee on a building and that styx is the greatest band in the world and the only got a bad rep because most critics are cynical A$$holes!

Waitress: Who do you want to win?
Julian: The G-D D*mn Jets!
-Waitress and Julian

(to Arthur Brooks) I deliver to you before! You always order three piece of cheesecake!
-Delivery Guy

"Hey, Old Man River, zip it or I'll break your hip"
Sonny to Sid

What you need a father figure, STOP PULLING YOUR SISTER"S HAIR!!!

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You're not proposing, are ya?!" "Uh, yeah pal, I am." "Well, think about it!
-Sonny and Kevin

We're gonna go shopping at Barney's." "Barney??" "Not that Barney. A different more expensive Barney.
-Sonny and Julian

(social worker takes Julian away from Sonny) I wo'nt sing the Kangaroo Song anymore!!

Where I'm from is doing what I call doing the Hibbetty-Dibbetty.

Yes, me, the guy who shaved his ass to win a five dollar bet." "Prove it!
-Kevin and Tommy

Sausage McMuffin...
-Homeless Guy

Kangaroo song!!" "ALL RIIIIGHT!!!
-Julian and Sonny

You kick that ass during the day, but at night you have fun with Sonny.

They go together like lamb and tunafish." "Lamb and tunafish?" "Maybe you prefer 'spaghetti and meatball'? Be more comfortable with that analogy?
-Delivery Guy and Tommy

What's rum?" "You don't know what rum is?" "Rumpelstiltskin?
-Kid in playground and Sonny

Is that Kevin on the phone?" "No, it's my...Uncle Remus.
-Carin and Sonny

He taught me to pee on a building and that styx is the greatest band in the world and the only got a bad rep because most critics are cynical A$$holes!

A kid showed up on my doorstep, you think I planned that? But I fell in love with him. So now my plans have changed.

Scuba Steve, damn you!

Microsoft went down three points!

Don't be scared about me making money. I'm in love with a beautiful girl who makes plenty of it. She'll be my sugar momma. (wink)

The rabbit worked up his courage and asked the squirrel if he could have just the littlest squirrel kiss.

Hip? Hip-hop? Hiphopanonymous?
-Delivery guy

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