Brewster's Millions Movie Quotes

Brewster's Millions Movie Quotes

Monty, this is Hackensack, NJ. No scout comes here, you understand that. Trains are going through the outfield right now. But you strike this guy out, I'll take you with me tonight and get you drunk, that's a promise.

Marilyn? I could die in this room.
-Monty Brewster
Brewster's Millions Movie
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Monty Brewster: Why is it when there's trouble we're the ones that get into it. I mean, there's a bar full of people and we're the only ones in jail.
Spike: I don't think it's racial you know, because I'm in here with you.
Monty Brewster: That's comforting.
-Monty, Spike

Monty Brewster: Gentlemen, do you think I'm a lowlife?
Tailor: Oh no, Mr. Brewster. Not with these clothes.
-Monty, Tailor

Monty Brewster: What are you gonna vote?
Crowd: None of the above!
-Monty, Crowd

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