Funny Mardi Gras Quotes

Funny Mardi Gras Quotes

Basically, it's been wars that have stopped Mardi Gras.
-Arthur Hardy

I started making calls a week after Katrina. The captains all said the same thing: you can take away our homes, but you can't take away our Mardi Gras.
-Arthur Hardy

Not even Katrina could stop Mardi Gras.
-Tony Scott

Normally, Mardi Gras is when we make all our money to pay our taxes and back bills.
-Earl Bernhardt

I think Mardi Gras is a symbol that we're down but not out.
-Arthur Hardy

It's Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Everybody has Mardi Gras fever. I was watching the 'Today' show earlier today and Tom Cruise was lecturing Matt Lauer about jambalaya.
-David Letterman

It's a great party, and anyone who doesn't enjoy Mardi Gras is not of this world.
-Franklin Alvarado

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I just hope that our beloved city will come alive again, which I know it will, because I've never missed a Mardi Gras parade in my life, and I'm not about to start in 2006.
-Allen Miller

Mardi Gras is our Christmas. Business is 200 percent, 300 percent more than usual.
-John Stevens

Mardi Gras is going on in New Orleans. Actually it's scaled down quite a bit. Now when you throw a bead, women only flash one boob.
-Jay Leno

I don't think we can measure the success of this Mardi Gras by its crowds but by its spirit.
-Mary Herczog

This Mardi Gras is about more than greed. It's a shout-out to everybody, and we're coming back strong.
-Julio Cesar

Mardi Gras starts tomorrow in New Orleans. Talk about perfect timing. Those truckloads of ice from FEMA just showed up.
-Bill Maher

Not celebrating Mardi Gras would have been a defeat.
-Sandra Shilstone

If no tourists came, we'd still have Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a state of mind.
-Ed Muniz

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