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Project X Quotes

Is this big enough to be cool?

Mom, dad, it’s me, Thomas. Um, where do I start? This is supposed to be a small get-together. I wanted to be cool for one night. You know, I wanted girls to notice me. Then things got a little out of control.

Think about it, our balls are where his eyes are.

Nobody's gonna see this but us I promise.

Even Wheelchair Robert got a handjob!-Costa

It's on till the break of dawn!

Tonight’s about the girls we never had a shot at. Tonight's about changing the game.

Wear something tight. -Costa

Costa: Don't do it you're way to fat.
-Costa, JB

Thomas: What are you looking for?
JB: Condoms, I'm working on something downstairs
Costa: The only thing you're working on is diabetes you fat fuck.
-Thomas, JB, Costa

Costa: What are you doing?
JB: Getting in shape for the party.
Costa: The party is in three hours.
JB: It's mostly water weight.
-Costa, JB

Thomas’ Dad: Well we just wanted to call one last time before going to bed, to make sure you were set for the night.
Thomas: Yep. All good. Um, I’m actually about to go to sleep right now, so…
-Dad, Thomas

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