Wanderlust Movie Quotes

Wanderlust Movie Quotes

Know what I wanna do, I wanna take off that robe...(Yawns)

(Linda believes she can fly)
If your gonna get literal with an R-Kelly song do Trapped in the Closet.

(Talking to the mirror) You like my erection selection.

Hey, there he is my homeless brother, where's your cardboard box?

Am I serious? You're fired. You're re-hired. Consider that a warning shot.

Were not a bunch of hippies sitting around playing guitar.

You two must be the pround owners of the upside down people mover out in the driveway.

It's probably just hard for you because your so full of shit.

Anyway, think about being inside me.

Seth: Wrap your fingers around the base of it, Work the shaft down to the tip, and then lick the tip.
Linda: What??
Seth: Lick the tip, lick the tip.
-Seth, Linda

Wanderlust movie quotes
Linda: Why are you not at work George?
George: Oh, I got fired.
-George, Linda

George: It's not like we're signing a lease, we'll give it a month.
(Horse comes out of the bedroom)
Linda: Two weeks.
-George, Linda

George: You ready for your meeting?
Linda: Yep!
George: (Gets hit by a car) Knock em dead alright, I'll call ya later.
-George, Linda

Eva: Ohhh George, I like you.
George: I like you too Eva.
Eva: We should make love sometime, how would you and Linda feel about that?
-Eva, George

Eva: You know what I do when I'm down?
George: Yoga?
Eva: I was gonna say orgasims, giving them to myself, giving them to others.
George: Me too.
-Eva, George

Wayne: We'll take care of ya, my names Wayne by the way, I'm a nudist.
George: Oh yes, we noticed your penis earlier.
Wayne: Touche!!
-Wayne, George

George: What happened?
Rodney: I took our car over to town, came back around the back road and boom -- cut to: in the pond.
George: What exactly happened?
Rodney: I took our car to town, came back, boom, cut to: in the pond.
George: No don't cut to in the pond, don't cut!
Rodney: I'm with you man.
-George Rodney

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