Your So Fat Jokes

Your So Fat Jokes

Your so fat your jeans aren't wide legged, they are wide load.

Your so fat the horse on your polo shirt is life size.

Your so fat a picture of you fell off the wall.

Your so fat your waste is the equator.

Your so fat you sit next to everyone at the movies.

Your so fat when you leave the beach, the coast is clear

Your so fat when you go to the beach your the only one that gets sun.

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Your so fat you have to order two seats on an airplane.

Your so fat you can lie down and stand up and your height is the same.

Your so fat everytime you eat an apple people try to roast you.

Your so fat Bill Gates could'nt afford your liposuction.

Your so fat you have your own area code.

Your so fat you stepped on the scale and saw your phone number.

Your so fat you went on a seafood diet, you saw food and you ate it.

Your so fat when they gave you a menu at the restuarant you said, yes please!

Your so fat your clothes have stretch marks.

Your so fat you make sumo wrestlers look anorexic.

Your so fat you have more chins than a Chinese phone book.

Your so fat you make an elevator over capacity by yourself.

Your so fat by the time you walked in front of the TV, the show was over.

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