American Reunion Quotes

American Reunion Quotes

Lets make this weekend our bitch.

You two are banging and you two use to bang, (laughs) this must be awkward for all of you.

Ladies better be working hard you weren't hired for your looks.  Actually you were.

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Stifler: I love the Twilight books, New Moon's my favorite.
Girl: Me too.
Stifler: It's like we have so much in common.

Jim: Hello my old friends. (about porn magazines)
Jim's Dad: I thought about throwing them out, but ahh they just have too much sentimental value.
-Jim, Jim's Dad

Cara: It's my 18th birthday tomorrow, you should come to my party.
Jim: Oh ahhh that might be difficult.
Cara: Please I want you to come soo bad.

Jim's Dad: Who might you be?
Stifler's Mom: I'm Stifler's mom.
Jim's Dad: Ohhh, I'm Jim's dad.
-Jim's Dad, Stifler's Mom

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