Diff'rent Strokes Quotes

Diff'rent Strokes Quotes

What you talkin` bout Willis

Ahh, poor Willis. How could they turn down a guy as great as Willis thinks he is?
Whatchoo talkin' bout, Arnold?

Say What?

My first name's Mr. My middle name's that little dot. My last name's T!
-Mr. T

Willis: Arnold's always under my feet. I'll never have any privacy until he gets married.
Arnold: Married? On MY allowance?
-Willis, Arnold

Kimberly: Good morning sleeping beauty!
Willis: More like sleeping ugly!
Arnold: I owe you an insult!!!
-Kimberly, Willis, Arnold

Philip: Good morning, Arnold. Rise and shine!
Arnold: Better not let Willis hear you say the word "shine". Back in Harlem, that's fightin' talk.
-Philip, Arnold

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