Family Matters Quotes

Family Matters Quotes

Did I do that?

Well, ya see, we had a little muffin mayhem. A small gastronomic goof up. A minor Betty Crocker boo boo.

Look what you did

(after being told to go home after being yelled at) I don't have to take this! I'm going home!

I've fallen and I can't get up!

Laura: Urkel, don't your parents feed you?
Steve: Not everyday.
-Laura and Steve

Judy: That's it, I quit.
Laura: But Judy, if your not holding that sign, how are people gonna know where the tag sale is?
Judy: Im wet, I'm cold and I'm cranky.
Laura: But......
Judy: Don't mess with me!
-Laura and Judy


I'm wearing you down babe, I'M WEARING YOU DOOOWN!

Got cheese

howdy-ho, winslows!
-steve urkel

Ssssh, not while I'm pouring.
- Steve Urkel

Steve Urkel: "Uh, Eddie, is this a bad time?"
Eddie: "Steve, I just got dumped."
Steve Urkel: "Oh, good! Then you're free!"
-Urkel, Eddie

Eddie: "Only wimps give in to pain."
Harriette: "Come on, sweetie, let's get you home and then I can put some antiseptic on those cuts."
Eddie: "Mom, that stuff stings!"
-Eddie, Harriette

(after Steve barges in to his house) Ever heard of knocking?
Steve: hmm?

Carl: This baby has a remote. I'll be in all the videos."
Estelle 'Mother' Winslow: "Then, you'll need a wide-angle lense.
-Carl, Mother

Thanks for helping me find the gym.

Family Matters Quotes
I have a lot of personal experience in first aid. I got a nosebleed at birth. My doctor slapped the wrong end.

Gee, Steve... Your baby shoes, your grandmother's denchers, fish jam; and I didn't get a thing for you.
- Laura Winslow

Cheating is wrong, Eddie, and you should know that. I may get F's, but, by God, I earn them!

Laura: "Where did you get the money for this?"
Steve Urkel: "From my stay-away fund. Every year, my relatives send me money in hopes that I won't visit them!"
-Laura, Steve

No! No! No! Don't!

Get out Steve

Ha ha (snort-snort)

Steve: Your honor, I would like to call Waldo Faldo.
Waldo: Okay, but I'm not home.
-Steve, Waldo

Rachel: Girls, who's watching my baby? Laura and Judy (Pointing to each other) : She is!
-Rachel Laura and Judy

Now, stay still...............THIS IS GONNA HURT LIKE THE DICKENS!!

I suggest you run.

Lt. Murtaugh: "They're sending in that Urkel kid."
Carl: "What??? We've got cheerleaders taller than him!"
-Lt., Carl

Eddie: "Dad you embarrassed me in front of my friends."
Carl: "Well, I'm sorry if I embarrassed you in front of a guy named Weasel."
-Eddie, Carl

You love me, don't you?

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