My Brother and Me Quotes

My Brother and Me Quotes

Everybody.....Goooooo Punch! All the ladies...Gooooo Punch!

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear...
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair...
so Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy
was he... ok!

Hit me!!
-Dee Dee


Clowns are for kids.

Dionne: [talking to Goo] U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you ugly, yeah yeah, you ugly!
Milton 'Goo' Berry: [grabbing Dionne's ponytail] F-A-K-E, sure looks like a wig to me, it's phony, yeah yeah, it's phony!
-Dionne, Milton

Homework? On a weekend!?

Harry White: You're a jerk, Goo!
Milton 'Goo' Berry: At least I'm not the poster boy for Bifocles 'R Us.
-Harry, Goo

Mmm... now that's what I'm talkin' about. Cherry lollipops!
-Roger Parker

Kendall Gill?
-Derek 'Dee Dee' Parker

Ten dollars? Good Lord that's alot of money!
-Derek 'Dee Dee' Parker

Milton 'Goo' Berry: Don't worry. It's all good!
Alfred 'Alfie' Parker: You've been saying that for three hours, Goo. And guess what? It's all bad!
-Goo, Alfie

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