Pete and Pete Quotes

 Pete and Pete Quotes

Get A Life, Jerkweed!
-Little Pete

C'mon Pete, we gotta kill Bob while he's still alive!
-Don Wrigley

I am a dot.

Why is it that when you miss somebody so much that your heart is ready to disintegrate, you always hear the saddest song ever on the radio?
-Big Pete

Begone with you pulpy, before I fold you into some type of brochure!
-Artie, The Strongest Man in the World

Read it and weep, fungus-lick!
-Little Pete

Artie! The strongest man.....In the world!

Bite my scab, blowhole!

Ellen:"What do you see?"*shows Stu a picture of Stonehenge*Stu:"Rocks."Ellen:"Be more specific."*looks at picture again*Stu:"Big rocks."
-Ellen and Bus Driver Stu Benedict

(After Big Pete fails a driving simulation test)
Congratulations, Mr. Wrigley... you're dead.
-Mr. Slurm

Carrot-top Judas... THOU HAST FORSAKEN ME!
-Stu, the bus driver

Woman: (Trying to hit Mr. Bear with a golf ball) That's right, bear, a little closer...
Little Girl: I can smell his fear mommy! It smells like bacon.
-Little Girl and Her Mother

The art students took over the kiln. They say they have a list of demands.
-Prinicipal's Secretary

Let me tell you about bus driver Sally Knorp. Maybe somewhere in America, there's a girl better able to handle a four-point U-turn... but I doubt it!
-Stu, the bus driver

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