This Means War Movie Quotes

This Means War Movie Quotes

I'm available to have sex with both of those guys just to test out stuff and see who comes out a winner.

Don't go with the better guy, go with the guy who makes you better.

That means he's got a Mike and Ike for a penis.-Trish

Get out there! You get flexible!

Tuck is great. He's sweet. He's kind. We have so much fun. But he's maybe too sweet -- a little earnest? Sort of safe.

Mistakes make us who we are.

Lauren: This has been the perfect night.
FDR: Make it rain.
-Lauren, FDR

Lauren: I feel weird for dating two guys at once.
Trish: You think Gloria got arrested and sat in a jail cell so you can act like a little bitch.
Lauren: I think I'm going to hell.
Trish: Get out there, you get flexible.
-Lauren, Trish

Lauren: Have you ever killed anybody with your bare hands?
Tuck: Not this week.
-Lauren, Tuck

Lauren: Oh, I think I'm going to hell
Trish: Don't worry. If you're going to hell, I'll just come pick you up.
-Lauren, Trish

This Means War Quotes
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