Wild Hogs Movie Quotes

Wild Hogs Movie Quotes

Man, oh, man. I almost lost it back there. I didn't know what was going on.

She's perfect for me. I wanted to say something funny, but all I could think of was black jokes.

It's ok. I just hit my face!

I have a girlfriend, beat that out of me, bitch.

The music moves me, but it moves me ugly.

Hey, I took my law enforcement course on the internet! For arms training they just told us to play Doom!
-Sheriff Charley

Man, that was like Level 12 of Doom.
-Sheriff Charley

Come on, guys, we're exhausted. I think we should take the bikes back to the hotel, put them in a shed with the doors closed, and then play Scrabble in the room with the shades down.

I cut the gas lines of their bikes, and then I maybe blew up their bar.

Fine, I will get naked with my gay friends. If any of them look at my junk, I will kill them!

Come on, man, it's the open road. Riding free, that's the rush! This isn't freedom, this is a gas station built by the man, a prison for our souls!

I'm just swimming here with my gay friends.

Del Fuegos! Hide the bikes! Quick!

You screwed up their lives? And by doing that, you decided to screw up our lives? Asshole!

You know what's so stupid about this? We wanted to be like you guys.You know... because what I see here is just a bunch of grown men whose biggest decision in life is 'sleeveless or... uh... sleeveless? Do I shit behind the rock or over there by that bush?' Grown men... this is pathetic! You go ahead kick our ass, okay, because we are not the posers. You guys are the posers!

Doug: Well, what has your wife ever made us?
Bobby: Hard.
-Doug, Bobby

Bobby: I think we better get out of here.
Woody Stevens: No, we'll get out of here at sundown after we've had our beverage.
-Bobby, Woody

Dudley: Im looking foward to the parade this year. I got little tootsi rolls to throw to the kids.
Woody Stevens: Tootsi rolls? You cannot even put on your left blinker without wiping out.
-Dudley, Woody

Red: When we drink piss, we drink it cold!
Murdock: What?
Red: We don't drink piss!
-Red, Murdock

Jack: Those assholes got balls.
Red: I'm gonna put them in my mouth and chew on them!
-Jack, Red

Woody Stevens: It's an Apple.
Dudley: I know, it's trademarked, but what are they gonna say... It's in my skin, bitch!
-Woody, Dudley

Woody: The trip is over because some tattooed bullies pushed us around?
Doug, Bobby: Yeah.
-Woody, Doug, Bobby

Jack: You're gonna pay a disobedience fee of $10,000, plus another $40,000 to rebuild the bar. If you don't, we're gonna break your friends legs here.
Dudley: Don't bring the money! I'm a computer programmer! I don't need my legs!
Jack: Fine, we'll break his hands!
Dudley: Oh dammit. Bring the money!
-Jack, Dudley

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