The Dictator Movie Quotes

The Dictator Movie Quotes

Is there any way you could lend me some money, maybe 20 million dollars?
-General Aladeen

WTF? What the fouartfagafgafg.
-General Aladeen

Ahhhh America, the birth place of AIDS.
-General Aladeen

I am for free press, fair elections, and equal rights for women....(starts laughing) I can't say that.
-General Aladeen
Bruno movie quotes

Admiral General, welcome to New York City, and while your here, I highly recommend a visit to the Empire State building, before you or one of your cousins takes it down.
-Tour Guide

General Aladeen: Stop that.
Kid: Shut up loser
General Aladeen: (Kicks kid into boxes) Clean up on isle 4.
-Aladeen, Kid

General Aladeen: I trust everything is in there as your manager requested.
Megan Fox: What's this a ruby?  Is that a joke? What am I a Kardashian?
General Aladeen: No of course not, you're much less hairy.
-Megan Fox, General Aladeen

Girl on Scooter: Will you please take your hands off my breasts.
General Aladeen: Those are breasts?  I thought you were a boy.
-General Aladeen, Girl

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