The Five-Year Engagement Quotes

 The Five-Year Engagement Quotes

This engagement party is a moment to celebrate a new future, but not without first exploring a past.

This is supposed to be exciting. This is your wedding, you only get a few of these.

Sylvia: Any ideas when this wedding might happen, grandparents do have a tendency to die?
Violet: Mom they're all right there.
Sylvia: Well for now.
-Sylvia, Violet

Tom: We both know I deserve to get super laid for this.
Violet: Do you want me to wear a cape or something?
-Tom, Violet

Tom: You told me that it was gonna be two years. It's sort of like when you're on a treadmill, and you tell yourself 'I want to run five miles today' and now, it's forever miles...
Violet: When was the last time you were on a treadmill? Sorry.
-Tom, Violet

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