Madea's Witness Protection Quotes

Madea's Witness Protection Quotes
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I wanna know how the hell I'm suppose to hide five white folks.  If the police come in this neighborhood they don't even send a white car, they come in a black SUV.

If I come back up these stairs and you still in this bed I'm gonna get completely naked and get up in there with you and spoon.

Excuse me while I do my Tyra Banks.

Big asses and brass don't mix.
-Uncle Joe

Her butt must be hungry the way it's chewing up that dress
-Uncle Joe

George: What's going on?
Walter: Cnn is doing one of those investigative reports.  They're gonna say we've been running a ponzi scheme for the last 7 years.
George: I knew nothing about this.
Walter: I know you've been laundering money dude!
-George, Walter

Madea- You want me to place my feet on those yellow feet?
Security-Yes ma'm
Madea- Thats wide as hell! I aint had my legs that wide open since i had my daughter!
-Madea, Security

(about drinking on the plane)
Stewardess: Your in first class it's free.
Madea: Ok well bring me every damn thing you got back there, if it's brown pour it.
-Stewardess, Madea

Little Boy- Ahh!
Madea- Whats wrong son?
little boy-You scared me you're just so huge...Like a giant bag of skiddles..
Madea- Alright now you betta get the hell up,Ima come back up here you know whats gon Happen? YOU GONNA TASTE THE RAINBOWW

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