Magic Mike Quotes

Magic Mike Movie Quotes

The law says that you cannot touch, but I think I see alot of law breakers up in this house.

You are the husband that they never had, you're the dream boat guy that never came along, you are the one night stand that they get to have tonight with you on stage.

You don't need to talk, just look pretty.

Yo... How pregnant did you get her mouth?
-Magic Mike

Magic Mike: You don't have anything sharp that I can stick myself with do you?
Girl at Party: No.
Magic Mike: Good, because I do.
-Magic Mike, Girl

Magic Mike Quotes
Brooke: Entrepreneur stripper, Stripper entrepreneur?
Magic Mike: Either one.
Brooke: I was hoping this was all a joke.
Magic Mike: It is pretty funny.
-Magic Mike, Brooke

Brooke: Wow that's a lot of one's.
Magic Mike: There's some fives in there.
Brooke: No twenties?
Magic Mike: You don't wanna know what I have to do for twenties.
-Magic Mike, Brooke

Brooke: Why stripping?
Magic Mike: Why is easy, women, money, and a good time.
-Magic Mike, Brooke

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