That's My Boy Quotes

That's My Boy Quotes
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Whaaaaaaaaat's UUUUUP!!!
-Donny (and others)

Lets get our party on.

Last night of poon tang for this kid.

Sit down before I tell your wife what you did at the strip club.

Who's rich in this motherfucker?

Leap year mother fucker! Leap year!|

It tastes like fucking dick infused with balls.

I can kill you nine ways with my bare hands.

Donny: If somebody's hammered they have another guy drive home.
Todd: I was EIGHT!!
Donny: You drove like a champ too.
-Todd, Donny

Donny: So what'd the IRS say.
Jim: Three years in prison, you haven't paid taxes since 94 Donny.
Donny: I don't got 43 grand.
-Donny, Jim

Todd: Donny what are you doing here.
Donny: What type of guy would miss his sons wedding?
-Todd, Donny

Todd: You were basically the worst parent ever.
Donny: I was awesome.
Todd: You let me eat cake and lolly pops for breakfast everyday.
Donny: That's what you asked for.
Todd: And your suppose to say no.
-Todd, Donny

(After piercing his ear)
Todd: Am I bleeding?
Donny: I don't think so.
-Todd, Donny

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