The Watch Quotes

The Watch Movie Quotes

Look at both of us, but understand no one.

Anything from outer space, kill it.

Sargent he assaulted us with eggs.

The Watch Movie Quotes

Any one of these people could be an alien.  Check her out, it's like she's studying some new discovery.  Should I put it in my flavor snout?

Franklin: Look at me.
Evan: Look at me.
Franklin: Look at him and listen to me.
Evan: Listen to his words and look at my face, but look at him while he's talking.
Franklin: Look at my face.
Evan: Listen to my words and hear his face.
-Franklin, Evan

Bob: Here we go, jackets for the watch.
Evan: A Tiger with wings?
Bob: It's a tiger, flames, and wings all in the same logo, It's like the Chinese symbol for shut up and dance.
-Bob, Evan

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