Hit and Run Movie Quotes

 Hit and Run Movie Quotes

 Charlie: I was kinda involved in bank robbing, but when I got into witness protection I knew I wasn't gonna be that guy anymore.
Girlfriend: You're a bank robber???
Charlie: I did the get away driving part.

Charlie: I'm sorry this whole thing happened so fast and I'm sorry.
Girlfriend: Except for completely lieing about who you are.
Charlie: You may have had three ways with dudes I don't know.

Policeman: Do you think it's safe for you to be driving at Nascar speeds?
Oh, I had no idea.
Policeman: Oh you had no idea? (sarcastic voice)

You owe me.
Charlie: What are you talking about?
I went to jail for eight months.
Charlie: What and you didn't like the gym equipment?
I got Fu*** in prison, because of you.
Charlie: I'm really really sorry, was it a black guy?
No it wasn't a black guy.
-Charlie, Gang leader

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