Here Comes the Boom Quotes

 Here Comes the Boom Movie Quotes

 Alright everybody, let's get our stories strait, Derrick did it.

Hey man great fight, (pukes on opponent) Ahhh I'm so sorry.

You wanna be a fighter? Start in the cage.
Here Comes the Boom Quotes

Principal Becher: You're late.
Scott Voss: I was teacher of the year.
Principal Becher: That was 10 years ago.
Scott Voss: Feels like 8 though huh?
-Principal Becher, Scott

Bella Flores: Sooo, what is the plan?
Scott Voss: How about we work out the plan, in my apartment, and dinner just happens to be around so we just do both.
Bella Flores: Not a chance.
-Bella, Scott

Scott Voss: I wanna fight mixed martial arts.
Marty : This is crazy, do you even know how to do it?
Scott Voss: No, no I do not.
-Scott, Marty

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