Hot Girl Quotes

Hot Girl Quotes

If you did it, I did it before. If you get it, I had it.

At the gym Boy doing sit-ups: '1...2...3...' Hot girl walks by Boy: '97...98...99...'

Carry yourself like a queen and you'll attract a king.

I Know I'm Not Perfect, but I'm So Close it scares me.

Love me, hate me, just think, I'm on your mind!

A nice girl is just a bad girl that doesn't get caught.

Everyone gets a chance in the spotlight; you can have it when I'm done!

Good girls go to Heaven, bad girls make you feel like you're in Heaven.

Life isn't a stop being a hoe!

Big Girls dont cry, they get even.

Do you believe in love at first site? Or should I walk by again?

You're only bad if you're caught... So that makes me a good girl, RIGHT!

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