Parental Guidance Quotes (2012)

Parental Guidance Movie Quotes

(Getting checked by TSA in the airport)
What are you looking for sailor, I'll help ya out. (coughs)
-Artie Decker

Alice: That's not bad.
Diane Decker: Not bad, she looks like a 12 year old widow.
-Alice, Diane

If you ever speak to my grand kids like that again, there will be nothing left of you but red hair and an accent.

Alice: Pick me up here, don't leave me stranded.
Artie Decker: Have I ever left you stranded.
Alice: 4 times when I was a kid.
-Alice, Artie

Grandpa tells lots of jokes that you won't get, just laugh.

Artie Decker: Hello boys, still single?
(boys start cracking up laughing)
-Artie, Boys

Artie Decker: I don't think these kids like me.
Diane Decker: They have to know you better before they don't like you.
-Artie, Diane

Diane Decker: Our grand children are going to love me.
Artie Decker: What about me?
Diane Decker: That's your problem.
-Diane, Artie
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