The Silver Linings Playbook Movie Quotes

The Silver Linings Playbook Movie Quotes

Pat: I can't appologize, you know what I will do, I'll appologize on behalf of Earnest Hemmingway cause that's who to blame here.
Pat Sr.: Yea have Earnest Hemmingway call us an appologize to us too.
-Pat, Pat Sr.

Pat Sr.: What are you going to do with yourself?
Pat: I'm getting trim, I'm getting fit for Nikki.
Pat Sr.: Patrick she left, she's gone.
-Pat, Pat Sr.

Pat: I come home, I see my wife in the shower (with another guy)  So Yea I snapped.

Pat: You look nice.
Tiffany: Thank You.
Pat: Oh I'm not flirting with you.
Tiffany: I didn't think you were. (looks at her boobs)
-Pat, Tiffany

Pat: Look I think You're really pretty, but I'm married ok.
Tiffany: So am I.
Pat: No, that's confussion he's dead.
-Pat, Tiffany

Pat: So how did you lose your job?
Tiffany: By having sex with everybody in the office.
Pat: Everybody?
Tiffany: I was very depressed after Tommy died.
Pat: Well you don't have to talk about it, how many were there?
-Pat, Tiffany

Danny: So is this the girl you wrote about.
Tiffany: You wrote about me?
Danny: She's fine.
Pat: She is my friend with an F.
Danny: A capital F.
Pat: For friend.
-Pat, Tiffany, Danny

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