This Is 40 Movie Quotes

This Is 40

This Is 40 Movie Quotes

Daughter: Why does it say 38 and not 40?
Pete: Cause your mom wants to be 38, let's not mention it again.
-Pete, Daughter

I lie about my age OK?

I have turned your body into a boner machine.

(walks into bathroom)
This is the fourth time you've gone to the bathroom today.

This is BS, this is a bunch of F'n S. You're acting like a B.

Debbie: Are those real?
Desi: Yea, I'm just young.
-Debbie, Desi

Mom at School: You touched my nipple.
Pete: I got right below your shoulder.
Mom at School: I have very high nipples.
-Pete, Mom at School

(Legs spread in the air)
Debbie: Can we just keep a small shred of mystery in our relationship?
Pete: I saw you have babies, payback time.
-Debbie, Pete

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you and your wife were separated by something bigger, like death?  Like her death?

Pete: I have responsibilites, I can't afford to sit in my apartment getting baked, watching porn and going to Tommy's chillie burgers at three in the morning.
Friend: That's not even the order that that happens in.
-Pete, Friend

Pete: I can't lend you anymore money.
Larry: Your mother wanted to abort you.
-Pete, Larry

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