A Haunted House Movie Quotes

A Haunted House Movie Quotes

We're investigating paranormal activity in the Johnson residents in suburban Los Angeles.

Yea, I kicked you in yo ghost balls.

I have a lot of powers, all over my body.

Keisha: Do you know how to connect the cuts?
Father: Boom, Tic Tac Toe in yo face.
-Keisha, Father

Man yo breath is kickin, I can only imagine what the kitty smell like.

911 Call:  Los Angeles county 911, what is your emergency?
Malcom: Three, three people are dead. I killed them.
911 Call: Who killed them?
Malcom: My DIIIIIICK!!!
-911, Malcom

Keisha: What are you doing?
Malcom: Bitch there is a ghost in the house.
-Keisha, Malcom

Malcom: Why do you have your hands on my balls?
Chip: I'm protecting them from spirits.
-Malcom, Chip

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